CCTV (Security Cameras)

Security, both Personal and Business, are a major issue that requires serious considerations. The use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) using video cameras to record activity in a specific area has proven to be a useful deterrent and crime solver.

We can set up your security system with video cameras that will transmit a signal to a specific place such as a digital video recorder or in the case of IP cameras, directly to a server, either on-site or offsite, and configuring directly to any device such as your cellular phone(Android, IPhone, BB, etc.), PC, Laptop or tablet.

We offer a wide range of products and services: From surveillance cameras, cables, and accessories to a full line of Digital Video Recorders, to full monitoring and data archiving. We can customize your surveillance system with equipment to fit your specific needs and budget

View your cameras remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world. Everything you need would be included for a perfect system for your application.

We use the highest quality systems equipment’s and cameras. The DVR PC Systems are a comprehensive and powerful DVR solution suitable for areas where constant video and audio surveillance is critical, such as shops, manufacturing floors and offices. They deliver outstanding levels of performance and service.

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