IT Preventive Maintenance Monthly Plan

Routine maintenance increases the life of your equipment in your telecommunications Infrastructure network and identifies needed repairs and upgrades. Servusat, LLC serves as the single point of contact for all your power and facility maintenance needs allowing you to provide continuing service to your customers. Servusat, LLC  preventive maintenance plans include complete documentation of System status and recom-mendations for corrective steps to prevent future problems. Enjoy peace of mind with a preventive mainten-ance plan to keep your power equipment running at maximum efficiency and optimal reliability.
A  well  planned  and  implemented  Preventive  Maintenance  Service  Plan  benefits  to  your  company  in  the
following key areas:

    • ✓ Reduces need for full time IT staff expenses.

    • ✓ Establishes fixed costs.

    • ✓ Guaranteed quicker response time to address problems.

    • ✓ Minimizes downtime due to quicker service and prevention schedule.

    • ✓ Onsite and remote servicing.

    • ✓ Discounted excess labor rates.

    • ✓ Cost savings due to minimized failures between sessions.

Servusat,  LLC  offers  this  service  to  our  clients  as  partners  in  an  effort  to  avoid  system  failure  and  loss  of revenue while at the same time increasing efficiency and productivity, a total solution for your IT needs.

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